Things to do in Santorini

  • Watch the Sunset in Oia: Oia is famous for its incredible sunsets. Find a spot along the cliffs, perhaps near the Oia Castle or the Byzantine Castle Ruins, to enjoy the magical view.
  • Explore Fira: Fira is the bustling capital of Santorini. Wander through its narrow streets, visit shops, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Don't forget to explore the Archaeological Museum of Thera.
  • Visit Akrotiri Archaeological Site:Akrotiri is a well-preserved ancient Minoan city buried in volcanic ash. Explore the ruins and get a glimpse into the island's history.
  • Relax on Red Beach: Red Beach is famous for its unique red volcanic sand and impressive cliffs. It's a great place to relax, swim, and take in the dramatic scenery.
  • Take a Boat Tour to the Caldera: Explore the volcanic caldera by taking a boat tour. You can visit the hot springs, swim in the Aegean Sea, and admire the panoramic views of Santorini from the water.
  • Discover Pyrgos Village: Pyrgos is a charming village with a medieval castle at its center. Climb to the top for panoramic views of the island, and explore the village's traditional architecture.
  • Wine Tasting in Santo Wines or other wineries: Santorini is known for its distinctive wines, particularly Assyrtiko. Visit a winery like Santo Wines to enjoy wine tasting with a view of the caldera.
  • Visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thera: Located in Fira, this museum houses artifacts from the archaeological sites of Akrotiri and Ancient Thera, providing insights into the island's ancient history.

Santorini Activities